Mom Magic: These simple hacks make my life easier

Shannon holding a container of prepared snacks for her kids from her blog: Mom Magic: These simple hacks make my life easier

Sometimes being a mom means doing things that are less than glamorous, like doing the laundry for the third time in one day (yes, I know you do it too). But on those days, when I feel overwhelmed by the everyday chaos, I remind myself that this is just a small part of being a parent. The important part isn’t always the big job of taking care of my kids or putting together their birthday party, but rather all the little moments that make up each day—the ones I miss if I let the mundane tasks take over.

Keeping it cool: 5 hacks for beating the summer heat

Shannon and her kids enjoy a Summer Family Fish Bowl from her 5 Hacks For Beating the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to get outside, hang out with your family, enjoy delicious food, and relax! Here are 5 hacks, ideas, and tips you can use all summer long to beat the heat and to make your summer easy as pie!