Supermom Summer: Entertaining is about to get a whole lot easier!

Summer Entertaining Hacks From At Home With Shannon On TikTok

Supermom Summer: Entertaining is about to get a whole lot easier! Every mother wants to be supermom this summer. After all, it’s the season of gatherings and traditions! Whether you’re hosting a family reunion at the lake, having a BBQ with neighbors, or planning an impromptu cookout on the patio — you can have fun […]

Just Beachy: 5 simple hacks to take your beach trip from chaos to calm!

Beach trips are a fun and carefree way for families to spend time together. But, like any summer adventure, there is a little bit of work involved! With the beach in front of you and the kids looking up at you with their faces mere inches away from your wide-brimmed hat cheering, it can be tempting to throw off your flip flops and allow the chaos to take over. Some days that will actually work out great, but more often than not, simple preparation brings more enjoyment, less stress, and less laundry/clean up for you later!

Keeping it cool: 5 hacks for beating the summer heat

Shannon and her kids enjoy a Summer Family Fish Bowl from her 5 Hacks For Beating the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to get outside, hang out with your family, enjoy delicious food, and relax! Here are 5 hacks, ideas, and tips you can use all summer long to beat the heat and to make your summer easy as pie!