Just Beachy: Five Summer Beach Hacks To Take Your Trip From Chaos To calm 

Beach trips are a fun and carefree way for families to spend time together. But, like any summer adventure, there is a little bit of work involved! With the beach in front of you and the kids looking up at you with their faces mere inches away from your wide-brimmed hat cheering, it can be tempting to throw off your flip flops and allow the chaos to take over. Some days that will actually work out great, but more often than not, simple preparation brings more enjoyment, less stress, and less laundry/clean up for you later! Here are five simple summer beach trip hacks for your next visit: 


Keep Your Phone Safe and Sand Free With A ZipLock Bag!

Sand, salty air, and water are your worst enemies when it comes to keeping your smartphone in tip-top shape. It’s also not ideal to be constantly brushing sand off of your screen or taking your phone out of its pocket just because you want to check the time. There are many options for waterproof cases, but they’re expensive (often upwards of $50!). The solution? Protect your phone before you go, with a simple plastic ziplock bag! This way, you don’t have to worry about getting sand in the crevices and cracks that are so hard to clean out later or that one of your kids will grab your phone with salty, sandy hands! It will be safe from water damage and scratches!


This hack is simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Take Your Phone Out Of Its Case (but only you have a case that covers the screen!)
  2. Put Your Phone In The Ziplock Bag
  3. Seal It Before You Leave Your Car To Make Sure No Water Gets In And…
  4. You’re Done! Now All You Have To Do Is Enjoy Your Trip!
Got little ones running around? This next hack is a game changer! 

Create Your Own Kiddy Pool At The Beach With A Dollar Shower Curtain

As a parent of four young kids, I love to hit the beach during the summer months. My kids are still too young to be left unsupervised, and all of them are far too active to want to stay in one place for long (a great problem to have if you ask me!). If I left them near the water without me, they would likely get lost or wander too far into the water and get swept away by a wave. On the other hand, enjoying yourself while keeping everyone in your line of site can be tricky! The best solution I’ve found? A $1 shower curtain turned into a DIY pool! If you’ve got children who are more cautious of the waves, or you love the beach and just want your kids to stay closer to you, creating a small pool with a shower curtain works wonders – the kids absolutely love it!


This hack is simple, all you have to do is: 

  1. Dig A Hole In The Sand
  2. Lay The Shower Curtain Down
  3. Tether The Corners With More Sand
  4. Fill The Hole With Water! 
Want tunes? This next hack has you covered!

Improvise With a Cup To Create Your Own Sand-Friendly Beach Speaker!

Whether you’re at the beach, on a boat, or just in your backyard, the summer is a great time for music and fun with friends. But if you’ve ever tried to bring your phone to play music over the sound of waves, or tried to use a Bluetooth speaker in the sand, you know that it doesn’t go so well. It can be frustrating—and even more disappointing if you’ve invested in an expensive waterproof speaker.

But there’s something simple that you will definitely have on hand that is about to solve all your problems – A CUP! 



This hack is simple, all you have to do is: 

  1. Pick your playlist – or have the kids choose! 
  2. Place your phone speaker-first into a cup. 
  3. Enjoy!

Get Off The Beach Without Burnt Feet – Flip Your Flip Flops! 

We’ve all been there: your flip flops are as hot as can be and you’re ready to head back to the car – sliding your feet into them is like stepping in a frying pan! The simple solution? Flip your flip flops upside down when you take them off! That way, the bottom of the shoe is facing the sky instead of your foot. When it’s time to put them back on again, simply flip them back over and you’ll have an instant cool shoe waiting for you!



This hack is simple, all you have to do is: 

  1. Flip your FlipFlops upside down when you take them off! 
  2. Flip them over to put them on
  3. Don’t burn your feet!
After you’ve had the best day in the sun making memories, it’s time to pack up. This next hack will make it easy as pie!

Avoid Bringing The Beach Home With You With A Laundry Basket Sand Sieve!

The beach is a place for having fun and relaxing, but it can also be a bit of a hot mess. Sand get’s into everything! Walk on the beach and you’ll get sand in your shoes, walk in the house and it’ll get all over your floors. And with all of those wet towels and swimsuits, you can bet that your car will look like a sandstorm hit it by the time you get home. There’s a simple way to avoid bringing the beach home with you: by using a laundry basket, you can shake all of the sand off of your towels, swimwear and shoes before you pack them into the car! Simply toss everything into the basket, give it a good shake, and then empty the contents into your washing machine when you get home to ensure that all traces of sand are gone from all of these items.



This hack is simple, all you have to do is:  

  1. Pack A Laundry Basket In Your Beach Trip Kit
  2. Toss Everything Into the Basket Before You Leave the Beach
  3. Give It A Really Good Shake! 
  4. Empty The Contents Into Your Washing Machine When You Get Home


Purchase a Collapsible Laundry Basket for less bulk!

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