Keeping It Cool: Five Hacks To Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to get outside, hang out with your family, enjoy delicious food, and relax! Whether you’re hosting a big family gathering at home or spending the day at the beach, you can have summer fun and keep it stress free. Here are 5 hacks, ideas, and tips you can use all summer long to beat the heat and to make your summer easy as pie!

My Custom Summer Station

In The summer months can get pretty hot, and if your kids are anything like mine, they will be looking for a way to stay cool. One of the best ways to do that is to take a dip in the pool! The summer station is an idea I came up with when I was trying to organize my pool area and make it more functional for our family. The kids always ran inside after being in the pool because they didn’t have what they needed available to them. I created a small station so they could grab their goggles, their snacks, towels, water toys and get back out there without having to go inside. Soon enough I realized it was a much-needed station for the adults too! A summer station is the perfect way to make sure that everyone is comfortable, hydrated and having fun. 

Sunscreen For Everyone

In the fight against the heat, sunscreen is your best friend. Keeping a bottle on hand or even giving your kids a squirt bottle of their own can be great for protection and fun. To make things even better, I’ve found that using makeup sponges or foundation brushes has transformed my kids relationship with sunblock. I’d go so far as to say they want to put it on – the brushes/sponges feel nice on their skin! It’s an easy way to help keep skin healthy and safe from the sun all summer long.

When Sunburn Happens: Aloe Ice Cubes

Sometimes, no matter how vigilant you are with sunscreen, a sunburn happens. I am always so grateful to have aloe vera on hand when it does! It soothes burns instantly and helps make the kids comfortable enough to sleep through the night if it is particularly bad. But I’ve taken my love of aloe one step further: freezing aloe vera into little ice blocks is the perfect way to tend to sunburn! The small blocks are perfect for the kids to grab and apply on themselves, and the cold is an instant soother. 

Family Summer Fish Bowls

During the summer, you can’t escape the heat! No matter what temperature it is outside, staying hydrated is a MUST. But sometimes plain water isn’t enough to keep you cool, and getting kids to drink water isn’t always easy. One of my family’s favorite ways to stay hydrated is to make our own Summer Fish Bowls! We use Blue Gatorade, Sprite, Nerds and Candy Fish in ours and it’s safe to say it’s an absolute hit! 

No More Messy Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Serving ice cream to a group of kids can be messy business – there’s nothing worse than having picnic tables and clothes covered in melted ice cream. Thankfully, I’ve got a hack for that!  Take the ice cream carton out of your freezer and slice it in half lengthwise. Rip off the wrapper and cut each half into individual servings. Mess free ice cream magic!

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